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Hi J-Luc, If you are logged in to the SDR on a local connection you can Shift - Left click on the bar containing the tags and this will bring up an editing menu. More information is provided in the on-line user guide. Regards, Martin - G8JNJ


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  • And another two confirmed today. 16.9691 USB JJC Kyodo News Agency, Japan 15Kw17.4281 USB 9VF/252 Kyodo News Agency, Singapore 0740-1010 1415-1815 10Kw
    in NOAA FAX Comment by G8JNJ May 27
  • Link-11 frequently appears in pairs separated by approx 3.6KHz When tuned to using USB, the lower dial frequency of the pair tends to be XXXX.7 and the upper frequency tends to be XXXY.3 Regards, Martin - G8JNJ
  • Hi Ron, I made a mistake in my last posting. I said DARN but I meant HAARP. DARN is active and can be heard sounding like a road drill as it stays on a frequency for a few seconds before moving to a new one. Regards, Martin - G8JNJ
  • Hi John, OK no probs. Send me a PM if you want to use my second (non public) KiWi to test the FAX extension. Regards, Martin
    in NOAA FAX Comment by G8JNJ May 25
  • Hi John, I can confirm the following as being active FAX stations, all of which I have received and decoded using MultiPSK via my public KiWi (and which have been tagged) over the past six months or so. All frequencies are for USB with the exceptio…
    in NOAA FAX Comment by G8JNJ May 24
  • Hi Ron, As far as I'm aware DARN is only occasionally used these days when they can afford to put some money in the electricity meter. However there are a whole host of other atmospheric sounders and radars that can be heard almost continuously. Her…
  • Hi James, You misunderstand, my suggestion was to place the ferrite bead and resistor at the amplifier input (in series with the whip) as shown in the link that was later posted by John. This method work…
    in Antenna Choices Comment by G8JNJ May 24
  • Hi James, You should be able to fix the FM BC interference problem that you have with the Clifton whip. Three or four turns on a small single hole ferrite bead in series with the connection from the whip to the amplifier should do it. If not add an …
    in Antenna Choices Comment by G8JNJ May 23
  • Hi John, This is excellent. Are you moving towards being able to setup background WSPR decoding when there are unused receivers available ? Ref to Regards, Martin - G8JNJ
  • Could the Squelch muting also be used to temporarily stop the audio stream in order to conserve network bandwidth ? Rather than a simple level based squelch could some form of 'intelligent' speech detection algorithm be incorporated ? Regards, Mart…
  • Hi John I think I'd prefer it to remain an admin only option but with an extra confirmation dialog. Regards, Martin - G8JNJ
  • Hi J-Luc, It may be that your SDR I/Q balance has been disturbed. I have had this happen to me when a user adjusted it incorrectly. Open up the IQ_Display extension. Set the IQ gain to about 80dB. Disconnect the antenna at the SDR so that no signals…
  • Great - thanks for adding this John. Regards, Martin
  • Hi All, Ron said "I've written to András and suggested a different rating system for the receivers listed at . You never know, he might consider a usage based rather than a vote based rating system." Ha ! and just as I've managed to get my SD…
  • I think Phil's suggestion of a last used frequency memory would be useful. I often find that I listen to one frequency whilst scrolling up or down the adjacent spectrum. If I quickly tune to a new frequency to hear what's been transmitted, it would …
  • Hi John, Your running 1.83 works OK for me on the PC I previously had problems with when running 1.81. Regards, Martin
  • Hi, I also have this frustration.  I've tried to assist where I can by sending personal emails to admins where I think I can help improve things.  But unfortunately in some cases the Admins are more software orientated than having any real interest …
  • It doesn't work for me with local IP and Firefox or Chrome. Cookies cleared in both cases. Regards, Martin
  • Hi John, Ah OK, I haven't updated my main public KiWi. The KiWi with the problem is at  How is this ? Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token )kiwi_util.js:396 getVarFromString: NO SCOPE cfg.ant_switch.d…
  • Hi John, I tried Chome and Firefox and cleared the caches, but still no luck. Here's the log via putty. login as: rootDebian GNU/Linux 8 Debian Image 2016-05-13 Support/FAQ: defaul…
  • Hi, I notice they don't disclose any real specification or key performance indicators such as P1dBoutput, OIP2 & OIP3 which is a real pity :-( Regards, Martin - G8JNJ
    in MFJ Loop Comment by G8JNJ May 8
  • Hi John, It works well :-) Would it be possible to include a command to mute the audio when a WSPR session is opened ? Regards, Martin - G8JNJ
  • Hi John, It happened to me this afternoon using v1.79, but I only noticed because my antenna switching no longer worked. So I did a reboot afterwards in order to to re-initialise the GPIO ports which may have cleared the logs. I tried your commands …
    in v1.79 Reboots Comment by G8JNJ April 28
  • Hi Laszlo, It's still possible to add wider notch filters or band-stop filters as required.  They just become more complicated to make and set up correctly. I've attached plots of one example I quickly designed using ELSIE (free). http://www.tonneso…
  • Hi All, Mine is fully public 99% of the time. I don't think the bandwidth used is excessive, but I'm on a VDSL service with no user cap (as far as I'm aware). However it does get very high usage and sometime I have to kick users off so that I can lo…
  • Hi John, Some more notes on the subject can be found here. Regards, Martin - G8JNJ
    in Status panel Comment by G8JNJ April 9
  • Works well on my iPad mini too. Thanks for adding this John. Regards, Martin - G8JNJ
    in Touch tested Comment by G8JNJ April 9
  • I have a BT Home Hub 5 which I had previously manually configured to port forward. When I removed the existing rules and tried the auto option the port forwarding seemed to setup OK, but the separate firewall rule didn't seem to load, so I had to ad…
  • Hi Ron, OK understood. It was just a thought.  My intention was to include a link to a static html page residing on the Kiwi from one of the text areas on the KiWi that can include html commands. I may continue with my current solution or alternativ…
    in Antenna detail Comment by G8JNJ April 3