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  • How do you use your SDR

    Hi All,

    Mine is fully public 99% of the time.

    I don't think the bandwidth used is excessive, but I'm on a VDSL service with no user cap (as far as I'm aware).

    However it does get very high usage and sometime I have to kick users off so that I can log in and use it myself.

    I have a particular problem in that a lot of Dutch music pirates use my SDR all day long to monitor their own transmissions around 6MHz. 

    What I really need to be able to do is to be able lock out certain frequency ranges or restrict the amount of time individual users can stay on the SDR before getting automatically kicked off. I currently have the inactivity time out set at 15mins but I may have to reduce this still further.

    I now have a second Kiwi on order, so it would be good if I could link them in some way so that they both appear as one Kiwi but with eight possible connections.

    I previously raised this suggestion in this link

    I know that there is at least one other station running multiple Kiwis on different ports so I don't think I'm the only Admin who may be interested in this idea.

    Most of the time (when I can log in) I use my Kiwi for general short wave listening and enjoy spotting 'unusual' activity on the waterfall. I also enjoy listening to NDB's, BC stations and Amateur stations. Quite a few of my users seem to listen to HF Aero traffic as well.

    I note that quite a few folks use the WSPR extension (logged as SWUKSDR) especially on the 472KHz band. I've also got antenna switching and this gets used some of the time mainly by the BC listeners in order to try and reduce interference or other stations that are co-channel.

    I think the KiWi has been an excellent purchase and It's certainly re-awakened my interest in Short Wave Listening.

    Well done John, and thanks for all the ongoing support and rapid resolution of any problems that may occasionally arise :-)


    Martin - G8JNJ

  • New Owner Questions [S-meter OV, audio underruns, tags, GPS sensitivity]

    Hi Kevin,

    1. On the S-Meter, even with a low signal report, I get the "OV" light up, is this normal, and should I worry about it?

    It indicates ADC overload, if you look on the spectrum display you may find some broadcast signals are above the -30dB line. An attenuator, or better still notch filters will help with this.

    2. Occasionally the web page (with my SDR) stops with "audio underrun", I have to refresh the page, and it's back to normal. Is this happening because I am using something else on my PC? (running through Chrome). Checking the log, does show this error message.

    It happens occasionally some browsers are more prone to it than others. 

    3. I notice the tags at the top of the frequency, is it possible to easily to add my own tags, or are they imported from a source file?

    Shift left click on the banner above the waterfall.

    4. I need to put the GPS antenna outside, as it does not show any acquired signals.

    The supplied antenna is not the best. It does work, but it's much better if it is placed outside.

    Most of this is covered in the on-line guide


    Martin - G8JNJ

  • v1.154 released: New user interface, Navtex extension


    Three other signals I've decoded (so far)

      6322.5 CW FSK 170Hz shift 100bd, Murmansk, Russia
    12603.5 CW FSK SVO, 170Hz shift 100bd, Athens, Greece
    12622.5 CW FSK XSQ, 170Hz shift 100bd, China


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • add DTG to Log


    I'd also like to add the KiWi ID to the time and date, so that it makes it easier to use the data at some later date if a centralised database is ever established.

    Covered in these previous threads.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • What is this huge signal?

    Hi Ron,

    It's probably Super Darn. I normally see it around 12MHz but your screen grabs look very similar.


    Martin - G8JNJ