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  • Okay, please "cdp" and then "up" to download, build and start the new v1.88 release.
  • Ugh. Okay, I see what's wrong. Give me a little while to make an emergency fix for this.
  • There is not enough information in those messages to tell what's happening.Could you please try running v1.87 manually?Login to the Beagle with PuTTY as root."cdp" to go to the build directory."mst" to stop the background launch of the server"k" to …
  • The active antenna and bias-tee is a separate project. There was never a bias-tee on the Kiwi board.
  • Hi Martin, That's very useful -- thank you. I added some menus to the extension recently, with fax station preset frequencies. But wasn't really sure how many of those were active. I found this list helpful:…
    in NOAA FAX Comment by jks May 24
  • Yeah, this is a tricky issue because of how works. I'll have some new code for the next release that should improve the situation.
  • WebSDR's creator P.T. de Boer, PA3FWM, has an excellent article about how to add an LPF to the tricky super-high-impedance E-field probe of an active antenna:
    in Antenna Choices Comment by jks May 23
  • Because reception of HF fax is poor here in New Zealand I've had to use one of the Kiwi beta sites in Europe to get strong reception of DDH3 & DDK3/6 out of Germany. That image has contrast problems. It should be a well defined black & white…
    in NOAA FAX Comment by jks May 23
  • Well, timely that you should mention this issue. There has been a similar complaint over on github issues having to do with fax reception: To help diagnose timing issues in general, and also have a…
    in NOAA FAX Comment by jks May 23
  • Which computer? Computer running browser or Beagle? Can you define "other operations"? The Beagle is only meant to be running the Kiwi server and nothing else. There are critical realtime constraints that require Linux to get-out-of-the-way as much …
    in NOAA FAX Comment by jks May 23
  • Correct! The little web server ("mongoose") inside the Kiwi code prints a log message when it receives a (URL) request for a file it is not expecting. But that means you see all the weird stuff the malwear on the Internet is trying to bait misconfig…
  • It's either the "root" account with no password (e.g. leave password field blank in PuTTY or just hit return with ssh).Or alternatively there is an account called "debian" with a password of "temppwd".
    in Unable to SSH Comment by jks May 22
  • They both need a numeric readout. Added to wish list..
  • Well, it would be better to have some real evidence of the ip assignment behavior before talking to your ISP. Although I guess you could ask them the general question about ip assignment policy. Do they say up-front that they'll assign you a static …
  • The second restart shown in the second log doesn't have a message from the Kiwi server indicating what the public ip address is. This is not right. The Kiwi has to ask a service on the Internet for this information. That means this process didn't re…
  • If anyone was able to see Kiwis running at the Seeed booth please let us know what you thought. We (the developers here in New Zealand) were not able to attend and so are curious how it went. Thanks in advance.
  • Bjarne, help me to understand your network setup again please? You have this PC that can be connected to the same local network as the Kiwi OR connected to the outside world (Internet) via a different path so you can test actual incoming connections…
  • Yes, you have to ask them directly as the customer of the purchase.
    in GPS problems Comment by jks May 20
  • You should have no problem with warrantee support from WiMo. If you do please let me know.
    in GPS problems Comment by jks May 20
  • That's what I measure on GCLK. I also get 1.3V on GSGN and 0.8V on GMAG (all with no antenna attached).Did you buy this unit from Seeed? At this point I would ask for a warrantee repair / replacement.
    in GPS problems Comment by jks May 20
  • What about the waveforms on the GCLK/GSGN/GMAG test points? This would tell us the overall condition of the GPS front-end chip and TCXO.If a voltage measurement on GCLK is around 1.6V then it's probably a clock signal as that is the average of a clo…
    in GPS problems Comment by jks May 20
  • This is a feature I'm looking into adding. So you'd say on the WSPR section of the extension tab of the admin page how many (1-4) automatic WSPR decoder processes you want launched when the Kiwi server starts. Each (server internal) process will tak…
  • I can easily in software distinguish real browser connections from ones made by an internal 24/7 WSPR process. A shutdown-and-restart of the WSPR process would only need to occur if a new update were available and needed to be downloaded, compiled a…
  • Here is the troubleshooting guide: available from the main page.
    in GPS problems Comment by jks May 19
  • Oh, okay. When you said "placed a new one" you meant a new GPS antenna. I thought you meant a new Kiwi. I assume the new antenna is also an active 3.3V type (most active ones accept 3-5V). Well, I'm not sure what to suggest. If you have a scope and …
    in GPS problems Comment by jks May 19
  • That looks very much like it would if there were no GPS antenna connected. Do you have another active GPS antenna to try? I've had one other report of the antenna provided by Seeed failing after some time. How old is yours?
    in GPS problems Comment by jks May 19
  • I checked a number of locations running v1.84 and known to have GPS reception and they were all working fine. When you look at the GPS tab on the admin page what sort of activity do you see? At the bottom left does the "acq" value say "paused" or "y…
    in GPS problems Comment by jks May 19
  • The DUC should be (re)started on a Kiwi server restart when the "enable" switch on the DUC section of the network tab is set to "yes". You can verify this by logging into the Beagle after a restart, doing a "ps ax" and looking for a process that say…
  • Clicking a Kiwi email link in Edge opens a blank page in Chrome? Lol, Microsoft.. Or do you have gmail in Chrome set as your email app?Firefox, Safari and Opera correctly open the mail app (Mail app on my Mac anyway). Safari on the Kiwi page even ke…
  • Just to follow up on this discussion. The GPS code now sets the Beagle time-of-day if it is different by more than 2 seconds. This might occur if NTPd is not running for whatever reason.