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  • Single URL/bookmark can now open multiple windows/tabs

    In v1.83 you can now say, e.g. kiwisdr.local:8073/?ext=wspr,40m&mute&win2&ext=wspr,30m&mute

  • Nice email from a listener

    I received this email just now:

    Good afternoon. I was hoping you could relay a group message to all those currently providing remote access on

    “I would like to extend my deep appreciation to all the remote providers. The service you provide has given me countless hours of enjoyment. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to purchase my own equipment. Possibly, one day in the future.

    The remote providers continue the amateur radio enthusiast’s exemplary commitment to public service.
    Thanks again for providing this wonderful service. The time, not to mention expense, required to provide this service, has not gone unnoticed.”

    Hilliard, OH, USA
  • v1.98 changes/improvements [right-click menu]

    The v1.98 release contains:

    Another round of security and memory handling fixes.
    Some fixes that should mostly eliminate the sudden shifting/tearing of the FAX display (this is different from the skew/slant correction adjustment that still needs to be added).
    A new right-click / right-button menu containing items that were only accessible on hard-to-remember keyboard shortcuts (database lookups, passband restore, etc.)
    If you're the Kiwi's admin, a new graphically-assisted way of setting the manual ADC clock calibration if you're not using GPS cal. See config tab of admin page for instructions.

  • ipad iOS bandwidth adjustment [v1.67 touch events added]

    In the v1.67 release I added some touch event support. So now if you zoom in sufficiently you should be able to touch-drag on the passband edges to change the bandwidth. You can also drag across the frequency scale to move the passband smoothly. tapping anywhere will set the frequency. Dragging outside the frequency scale (waterfall, spectrum, etc.) will shift the waterfall.

    It doesn't work perfectly but it's a big improvement. Tested on iPad, iPhone, Android.

  • GPS Admin screen

    v1.60, to be released tomorrow, will fix a GPS bug that I finally understood today. Apparently, since v1.38 the GPS acquisition process has not been restarting after active users disconnect like it's supposed to. That will lead to the situation where the admin GPS page says "acq yes" (instead of "acq paused"), but there is no refresh icon shown in the "acq" column next to an incrementing PRN as is typically the case. The satellites that are already acquired and being tracked will be be fine until they drift out-of-range and are dropped. So eventually the GPS page will show nothing even though new satellites should be getting acquired.

  • dx.json

    This whole thing is hopefully going to be fixed soon..

  • Is it possible to transform kiwi sdr on Xilinx Zynq FPGA a single chip solution [for GPS only]

    Hi. Yes, what you want to do is possible. But it is a lot of work. It is maybe easier to start with the GPS code that does not have the Kiwi SDR code parts: This code just runs a program on the Beagle that prints messages with no web interface and no complications of all the Kiwi SDR code.

    1) How are you wiring the Beagle SPI to the Zedboard? Are you using the same SPI pins as go from Beagle to Kiwi FPGA? This is tricky because those same pins are used to download/program the Kiwi FPGA. Did you somehow electrically isolate the Kiwi FPGA from those SPI pins? Otherwise you have to depend on the Kiwi FPGA power-up state to leave those pins in high-impedance mode. It is possible this is okay even if you did not isolate the pins.

    2) Did you disable the code in the Kiwi server that programs the Kiwi FPGA?

    3) Admin page not connecting: In the browser open the "javascript console window" and look for error messages. Each browser has a different way of doing this. On Firefox from the top menu bar select: Tools > Web Developer > Web Console and then make sure the Console tab is selected.

    4) Do you get any error messages on the Beagle console when you run the Kiwi server?

  • Second receiver on BeagleBone

    Anything is possible, but you run the risk of disrupting the carefully balanced realtime requirements of the Kiwi code. Particularly when there are multiple connections. Much easier to buy another inexpensive BeagleBone or even cheaper R-Pi.

    Also note that the Kiwi software is based on OpenWebRX, but is heavily modified. So you are not simply running a "second instance" that might somehow take up less resources.

  • SSB Click Frequency

    This has been an open issue for almost a year now:

    Basically it is waiting for a "user preferences" capability to be introduced so the tuning method can be varied to individual taste. I'm not going to change the default behavior until then. Otherwise I'll get pummeled with people who don't like the change..

  • Save money on another Kiwi or tell a friend

    June 20: Massdrop is active for 7 days. US$230 for a KiwiSDR kit.