How do I get a PLL clock that is faster than the 50MHz inout clock please?

I am struggling big-time with trying to get faster clock than the 50MHz standard clock.

My aim is to output 200MHz square wave on a TTL output pin, ideally arduino D5 pin.

Having googled, searched through previous post here, and waded through Xilinx ISE examples, the only advice I could find is "use the Clocking wizard"

So I messed around until I managed to persuade the clocking wizard to produce VHDL files for me. Trouble is that the native files produced do not synthesise as produced and the code seems way to complex for me to work out how to make even the simplest LED blink code synthesise.

Never mind, I thought, I will hunt around for example programs that use PLL. No luck there - the only examples I could find create a new PLL for lower frequency. They do not use the Spartan 6 PLL dedicated for clock.

None of the Github examples seem to use any clock other than 50MHz.

Am I the only one who wants to use the full 500MHz and 950MHz internal clocks that datasheet suggests should be possible?

Please somebody provide me with some help in getting something to work with PLL.

I will be very grateful

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