Using Logi-Bone as a highspeed A2D target

Hi there LOGI-Bone community. Hope all is well!  
Hey I had question for you folks.  I'm involved in a PhD project where we need to capture signals at very high speed for a portable device.  We are thinking of using this A2D from TI that uses serial LVDS,  ADC3224  Dual-Channel, 12-Bit, 125-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and wanted to know if the Spartan 6 will be able to handle the 125 MSPS speed?  And more importantly, if we will be able to shuffle that 1.5gb/s of data somewhere that we can access it.  We are basically capturing signals from 50Mhz - 400Mhz w/ some under sampling techniques.  Any suggestions, ideas?  We are deciding between this platform and a Zedboard (microZed) for data capture.  




  • Rigol scope DS1054Z can process 500 Sa/s 2 channel 8 bit analogue, so I guess it might just be possible - though it uses SPARTAN 6 L25 FPGA with a big heatsink glued on.

    See reverse engineering thread here:

    I think the bigger problem will be storing huge amounts of data fast. I imagine an FPGA with dedicated DDR interface might be needed - but I have no experience beyond logi board, so this is just educated guess from reading around.

    Sounds like a tough project. Good luck
  • Thanks for the input hexreader.  
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