Installing Logipi_loader for Rasp Pi 3B and Logi-Pi V1.5.1

Is there a updated logipi_loader installation script for use with the Raspberry Pi 3B and the Logi-Pi R1.5.1?

I am having problems with the current

A couple of reponses trying to install and run:

Enable SPI
sed: -e expression #1, char 11: unterminated `s' command
modprobe: FATAL: Module spi-bcm2708 not found.

pi@cranstock:~/Documents/LogiPi $ sudo logi_loader logipi_blink.bit 
Compiled for LOGI-PI 
Cannot detect LOGI-PI with I2C_LOADER, switching to old bit-bang loader 
Board variant is LOGIPI_R1.0 
bit file size : 340701 
FPGA did not answer to prog request, init pin not going high 
config error 


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