logi pi schematic jp11


I've got a logi-pi-r1_5_1
the rev. is printed on the pcb too.
But near the connector to the raspberry pi
I can see a difference compared
to the schematic on GitHub. There is a Jumper JP11.
Where can I find a schematic for that specific PCB which I have got.




  • See attached.  
  • Thanks for the new schematic, but JP11 is not shown :(

    I do not expect a new schematic, but if you could just tell me what JP11 does I would be very grateful. (board version is R1.5.1 just bought from Element14, but seems to be a later revision)

    Also JP6 and JP7 are uncertain - earlier board has these as M0 M1 ground when made, but my suspicion is that they actually connect/isolate Raspberry Pi M0 and M1 through to the FPGA. Am I right?

    Great board, by the way. Having great fun learning VHDL and FPGA on it.

  • I must be going blind, or daft. :(

    The schematic DOES show JP11 and tells me all I need to know.

    Thanks Markus :)
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