Logi-Bone driving 64x32 RGB LED Panels?

Having been able to drive one 32x32 Panel by using jpiat's files with the help of here on the valentfx forum, further development to extend the vhd files for 64x32 Panels is impeded by my low working knowledge on RTL and VHDL/Verilog.

The logic changes would have to be implemented in ISE Project Navigator Software Suite, using the logibone_mat.xise file together with other files in the directory on github.

I am wondering what changes have to be made to the vhd files to extend the implementation to 64x32 RGB Panels, or its chained versions. 
The file-links: "rgb_32_32_matrix_ctrl.vhd" and "wishbone_led_matrix_ctrl.vhd".
Logic-changes would likely occur in these by my knowledge for far.

Simply changing constants in rgb_32_32_matrix_ctrl like: 
constant LINE_SIZE : positive := 32*nb_panels ;
constant RAM_SIZE : positive := LINE_SIZE*32 ;
constant BOTTOM_ADDRESS_OFFSET : positive := LINE_SIZE * 16 ;
Won't be enough to my reasoning as for the existence of a double-frame buffer etc.

I know that FPGAs are not really meant for hobbyists like me, but tutorials like the ones of Glen Akins appeared not too otherworldly to have RGB Panels driven, but sadly his one is out of date regarding the newer Logi-Bone revisions.

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