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LOGI Boards Now Available at element14

LOGI Wiki Table of Contents

LOGI Pi Documentation

LOGI Pi Quick Start Guide

LOGI Pi User Manual

LOGI Bone Documentation

LOGI Bone Quick Start Guide

LOGI Bone User Manual

LOGI EDU Documentation

LOGI-EDU Quick Start Guide

LOGI EDU User Manual

LOGI Cam Getting Started

LOGI-Cam Quick Start Guide



Your First Project using Xilnx ISE

LOGI-APPS - Get Started Running our Demo Applications

LOGI Skeleton Editor Getting started


LOGI Family Documentation

LOGI-Family - Family Wide Documentation

LOGI-Projects and Users Projects using the LOGI Boards.

LOGI - Hardware Documentation

LOGI - Tools Documentation

Wiki Usage and Development


LOGI FPGA Development Boards                                                  

The LOGI series is a family of FPGA development boards that mitigates the sharp learning curve associated with FPGA development and unifies existing hardware interfaces and platforms.  FPGA development is an invaluable technology that allows a single board to morph in functionality to fit the needs of changing environments.  The LOGI Family FPGA boards allow beginning or experienced FPGA developers a plug-and-play experience with popular embedded systems including the Raspberry Pi and the  BeagleBone that can easily connect to a multitude of off-the-shelf hardware peripherals.  The LOGI Team has created a closed-loop development solution using the LOGI Boards by providing the the hardware, software, drivers and applications for users to jump start their FPGA/CPU applications.

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