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Structure of the LOGI Wiki

The wiki structure is as follows.  The category names are as shown in the tree structure.

  • LOGI
    • Logi-Family
      • Logi-Pi
      • Logi-Bone
      • Logi-Modules
    • Logi-Family-Projects
      • A Page for each of the LOGI projects and Users' Projects
    • Logi-Tools
      • LOGI Loader
      • API
    • Logi-HW-Library
      • LOGI-Hard ( A page for each hardware component with documentation)
    • Logi-SW-Library
      • LOGI-SW ( A page for eachsoftware component with documentation)

Naming convention for pages in the Wiki

Project pages will be name consistently so that it is easy to find material within the wiki and so that google searches can capture the description of the page from the title

Wiki page naming Naming:

Project Wiki Page Naming

  • LOGI - “Project Name” - PRJ 
  • LOGI-Pi/Bone - (if only built for one of the boards) “Project Name”  - PRJ

Hardware Wiki Page Naming

  • LOGI - " Component Name" - HW
  • LOGI-Pi/Bone - (if only built for one of the boards) - " Component Name" - HW

Software Wiki Page Naming

  • LOGI - " Component Name" - SW
  • LOGI-Pi/Bone - (if only built for one of the boards) - " Component Name" - SW

Using Categories to create the Wiki Top level Structure

Category tags are used to categorize pages.  Category tags will follow the structure shown in the Structure of the Wiki" section.  The naming for the categories is as follows.  The syntax for the category is [ [ Category: "Category Name"] ] (no spaces between brackets.









Skeleton Templates for the Wiki Pages

We hope to keep the Wiki orgranized and well formatted.  This section will provide tempates for the wiki pages that can be used to best structure the content and make it uniform throughout the wiki.

LOGI Projects or HW/SW Components Template

..Category:Logi-Family-Projects..  --replace teh .. with open and close double braces.

'_TOC_' --replace the ' with underscores.

Project Overview

  • Description of the project

  • Video demo (if any)

HW/SW Overview and details regarding the project/component

  • Knowledge required to understand the project (links to hamster tutorials,  online information to understand the project, links to components documentation)

  • Details about the FPGA drivers and usage

  • Details about the Host drivers/SW usage

How to run the project (Code build, HW build)

  • Details about how to setup the HW to run the project

  • Details about how to setup the SW to run the project

Where to go from here

  • Limitations of the current state of the project

  • Example application using the same project structure


  • Github

  • Videos

  • Logi-apps

  • blog

  • Other referenced resources
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