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The LOGI-Cam is designed specifically make video applications with the LOGI-Boards a snap.  The LOGI-Cam PCB allows for a plug and play experience with the OV7670 or the OV7725 camera modules and the LOGI-Boards.  The kickstarter LOGI-Cam package will ship with OV7670 Camera module and will allow you start working directly with the existing LOGI machine vision code or general image/video processing by Jonathan Piat.

Applications in image processing technology are becoming more and more prevalent with the availability of low cost high performance electronics systems.  The addition of image processing algorithms to such systems enables applications such as object tracking and detection, autonomous movement, ambient change recognition, etc.  Image processing is known to be very data processing intensive based on the amount of data needed to be processed and the speed which the data needs to be processed.  FPGA technology handles both of these requirements very well, which makes FPGA’s, especially in conjunction with high performance embedded systems, a very powerful tool for implementing a vast array of applications.


  • Plug and play connection with the OV7670 and OV7725 with other Omnivision modules being compatible .
  • Expansion port to add a flash or external light with pass transistor and series current limiting resistor.

Documentation for the LOGI Cam and Omnivision sensors


The LOGI module is shipped with the Omnivision OV7670 camera sensor and the datasheet can be found online or directly from Omnivision after filling out their form: http://www.ovt.com/support/datasheet.php


The latest schematics for the LOGI Cam can be found in the LOGI github repository: https://github.com/fpga-logi/logi-boards/tree/master/logi-modules/logi-cam/BUILD_PACKAGE/SCH

Setting up and using the LOGI-Cam

The LOGI-Cam ships with an OV7670 camera module and the LOGI-Cam breakout PCB.  The breakout contains an 18 pin and a 20 pin connector which is compatible with most of the standard Ominivision camera modules available on the market.  The OV7670 is an 18 Pin module and is intended to be plugged in as shown below in teh image.  Make sure to only plug in the camera in the mannter intended by looking at the locaiton of the VDD and GND pins.  Connecting the camera in any other manner can damage the camera moule.  

LOGI-Cam Contents: OV7670 Camera Module and LOGI-Cam breakout PCB

Connect the OV7670 module into the LOGI-Cam 18 pin header (vertical) as shown below.

Connect the LOGI-Cam module into your LOGI platform as shown below.

For the LOGI-Pi: Connect the LOGI-Cam into PMOD3 and PMOD4 of the LOGI-Pi.

For the LOGI-Bone: Connect the LOGI-Cam into PMOD1 and PMOD2 of the LOGI-Bone.

Running the LOGI-Apps LOGI-Cam Demo project

There is an easy to use demonstration app that can be easily loaded to ensure that the LOGI-EDU is properly connected.  The user can simply run the edu-demo from the logi-apps directory if they are using a pre-configured LOGI-Image.  Or the user can pull the logi-apps onto their own image and run the demo.

See the LOGI-Apps projects wiki page for details on running the logi-apps. 


LOGI-Cam Source Files

LOGI-Cam Schematic

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