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  • What do you "chase"

    Mostly I listen to the IBP beacons. 

    But since I have been playing around with the Kiwis I have stumbled across some SWL adventures that take me back to my earliest days. Hearing CHU again reminded me of my childhood days with a radio that glowed in the dark and had a green magic eye tube for signal strength - Hey maybe I should make one for the KiwiSDR! Nice to see that there are still some shortwave broadcasters out there.

    Hearing the NDBs reminds me of standing on the bow in the middle of the night as we sailed out of sight of land and pointing the hand held receiver around in hopes of getting a bearing on something to ensure we were heading in the right direction. 

    I think it is a time machine.

    It has also been fun hearing the DXpeditions, even though I don't have a transmitter on the air right now. Fun listening to those pileups from different locations and comparing propagation with the predictions.

  • Search DX Cluster for recent spots in the right click context menu

    I have added a new item on the right click menu to openwebrx.js.

    DX Cluster search will take the frequency and search the last 1,000 spots for any reported activity on that frequency.

    If you think it might be of use to DXers, please feel free to merge it.

  • Logging and note taking

    My eyes must be going. I have gone over that quickstart multiple times and not seen that one.


  • Repository of dx.json

    I have, as an experiment, imported the dx,min.json and the waszkd.json files into the list of transmitters for propagation forecasts to the online receivers.

    If google was able to determine a location from the comment field, you can click on the link to the list of KiwiSDRs that currently should have propagation to that transmitter. The propagation maps will be shown. You can then click on the SDR button to go to that receiver tuned to the frequency and mode.

    Work in progress...

    Edit: m0taz and dist.dx.json now added as well...

  • IBP Button to track beacons

    I hacked a new button to track the IBP beacons by modifying openwebrx.js

    Any of of the IBP beacons can be selected from the list. The receiver will follow that beacon through the band changes. If it was muted, it will mute until the next cycle. The cycle option will check all IBP beacons on all bands over 15 minutes.

    If you want to try it, you can run the mod on any receiver as shown at without changing the main distribution.

    If it is of general interest it can be pulled from the git or downloaded directly.

    Just playing around... It is useful for me to check the beacon transmissions from different locations.