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  • Martin,Your Trask antenna is seems quite good on VLF ! Your KiwiSDR is the best, in my opinion. So what are the stickers about on It would seem that GPS, VLF, and RX are available on all of them, although they will work without a GPS. So wha…
  • These devices are easy to setup and then just plug and play with an Ethernet device.…
  • John,You must have been making great improvements to the FAX extension. This image is a partial but it shows up straight. The shift click works to align OK too.Ron - KA7U
    in NOAA FAX Comment by KA7U July 3
  • John,Put some more effort into it this morning. MultiPSK does seem to be more stable here than FLDIGI and generally I'm finding the FAX image to be cleaner than the one from FLDIGI. Also the slant and alignment can be adjusted to receive correctly a…
    in V1.92 Fax decoder Comment by KA7U June 6
  • John, Image adjustment in MultiPSK is done after the image is received. You stop the receiver, adjust the slant and alignment and then save the image.  FLDIGI provides adjustment for slant and it is remembered until it is changed. The alignment is e…
    in V1.92 Fax decoder Comment by KA7U June 6
  • A sample FAX using 1.91 and MultiPSK. I did adjust the black side line to the right and straightened the image. That process added some distortion to the text. I only see one sync anomaly on the image. I think your adjustments are working. Looking f…
  • Martin, I have an old Ten Tec ORION II that still functions as it should. Ten Tec had an interface file that is useful for mode and frequency coordination between various softwares and the N4PY ri…
  • Martin,That would be a useful feature. I favor the VE7CC user software for a DX Cluster, but maybe the standard cluster software would be more open for the purpose. Which cluster software do you favor?Ron - KA7U
  • So how is the testing of the MFJ-1886 going? I'm thinking about ordering one. Ron - KA7U
    in MFJ Loop Comment by KA7U May 30
  • This is another receiver with the signal at 8.175 MHz Ron - KA7U
  • John,Interesting discussion on github. Over my head for sure, but still I get the idea of it. Once your extension can save the image to a file, it will be great. I'm not sure how many options it might need, but I think setting it to monitor and down…
    in NOAA FAX Comment by KA7U May 23
  • John,I did not write this very well. Sorry. I'm talking about the client computer. Other operations mean just about anything from having a mouse moving to open a tab on a web browser to scrolling down a page in a word processor. Generally I find tha…
    in NOAA FAX Comment by KA7U May 23
  • John,This version is opening in the Chromebook browsers. Glad you found the problem for this.Ron - KA7U
  • Don't worry Martin, András is busy with his PSK31 and other extensions, not to mention school, work, and life. I understood his last and gracious email, to be a NO! Ron - KA7U
  • John,I did the explicit refresh and also went to History and deleted the cache and hosted app data. Still the link will not display on this Chromebook.Ron - KA7U
  • John,The link: fails to display on the Chromebook. Version 57.0.2987.146 (64-bit)Platform 9202.64.0 (Official Build) stable-channel peppyFirmware Google_Peppy.4389.93.0 and the Ubuntu running in a chroot on…
  • I've written to András and suggested a different rating system for the receivers listed at . You never know, he might consider a usage based rather than a vote based rating system.Ron - KA7U
  • James,on the FLDIGI audio tab I check Pulse and leave the server string box blank. I think it defaults to the local Pulse server which would be something like local host or, or some such local IP address. You could feed FLDIGI from a netwo…
    in External Decoders Comment by KA7U May 10
  • I did the rebuild. No change. Admin page fails to display, although 
  • Chuck,repeating lines happen here from time to time. Sometimes grounding the antenna and then ungrounding causes the signals to go away, sometimes not. Random stuff from an RF neighbor somewhere. I often have harmonics from MW band at random times. …
  • James,I should have also said that the connecting applications, all applications for that matter need to use Pulse audio in the settings, if such a thing is configurable. For example FLDIGI will need to have Pulse Audio specified and if you use WINE…
    in External Decoders Comment by KA7U May 8
  • For what it may be worth... ron@linux-vxyy:~/Downloads/stuff> ls -l total 7008 -rwxr-xr-x 1 ron users 3608776 Dec 22 22:56 TH-8600 .exe -rw-r--r-- 1 ron users 3558329 Apr 24 14:50…
    in Noise Blanker Comment by KA7U May 8
  • James,After the application you need to send audio to is started, look in the recording tab of Pavucontrol and select the correct audio stream available to feed the audio. It is usually a monitor of the default sound card. See the screenshot showing…
    in External Decoders Comment by KA7U May 8
  • I've had it working in the past, but since Pulse Audio came out I've been using that with Pavucontrol and that is easier to use in my opinion. Ron - KA7U
    in External Decoders Comment by KA7U May 7
  • I've used the noip client for several years. It works just fine on a Raspberry PI running Debian. Ron - KA7U
    in DDNS from KiwiSDR Comment by KA7U May 5
  • James, brings up this web site: the current frequency lookup.  It is a very nice addition. Thank you John.Ron - KA7U
  • I have Ubuntu and openSUSE desktops here. Linux Mint will boot from a USB stick, so the Rosa version of Linux Mint could be downloaded and run from the USB stick. Rosa is not a current version, near as I can tell.  "about:plugins" in the URL box wil…
  • I have worked with this for a time now and all is quiet and operating as it should here. So a review of the problems. The KiwiSDR has operated here for quite some time without any boot problems, and then it seemed after version 1.77 or 1.76 it start…
  • John,I have sent you a message containing the link to a tar.gz containing all the logs. If you need to log into one of these KiwiSDR units, let me know and I'll setup a port forward for you.Ron - KA7U