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I started working on my Grove project. It will use the BB Green Grove connectors to manipulate external devices such as an antenna matrix. Part of that required a peek at the /boot/uDev.txt file.  Does that file get modified when a kiwi update occurs?


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    I took a look and did not find your /boot/uDev.txt but I did find /boot/uEnv.txt. That file enables capemgr for various capes, it would seem. Don't know if the KiwiSDR software edits this file or not. These are the only active lines in the file on my KiwiSDR.
    cmdline=coherent_pool=1M quiet cape_universal=enable

    So I doubt the KiwiSDR software is writing to this file with each update, but maybe it does.

    So tell us more about your layout for using the Grove project. Is it this kit, ?

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    my typo! Thanks

    Regarding the grove kit, no. I bought individual pieces from Mouser, a selection of stuff but not much money. will surely report!
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    I am using this module to test Grove with and figure I can mod one to use as a relay driver

  • Further........

    It looks like it is easy to convert the Grove-UART connector to act as GPIO. Some typos in the examples on webpages is thwarting me at the moment.
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    The Kiwi code does not modify /boot/uEnv.txt but instead uses an older method for setting up the GPIO pins it needs.

    Be very careful when editing that file. Make a backup copy in that directory. Certain mistakes will brick your Beagle. And the recovery method is annoying (USB or serial cable needed).

  • I have found this and need to explore it some more. I have extra kiwis here so won't jeopardize my online one if I mess up!

  • After installing seeedgrove from a .deb, this now runs and the Kiwi is still alive. Now i just need the right grove module

     root@kiwisdr:/home/debian# seeedgrove
    Seeed Grove ++ command line tool
    -> version 0.0.1-1904
    -> build timestamp Jun 14 2016 21:20:32
    -> initializing...
    Command line usage:
      chainable_rgb_led [r g b | html_colour]
      bb_usb [on|off]
      oled096 [on|off|normal|invert|all_on|all_off|contrast #|lock|unlock|scroll_start|scroll_stop|left #|right #]
      oled112 [on|off|normal|invert|all_on|all_off|contrast #|lock|unlock|scroll_start|scroll_stop|left #|right #]
      ledbar [on|off]

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    I have another version of that table that covers all the Beagle P8/P9 pins if the Grove UART pins are not on there.
    There is a similar one in the BeagleBone Black system reference manual (SRM): System Reference Manual

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    You should be able to figure out how to manipulate the Grove I2C/UART ports using Linux commands with the Beagle GPIO interface in /sys/class/gpio.
    There are tutorials on the net about this I believe.

    Then you could add those commands to another instance of the antenna switch extension backend. This is the generic backend for manipulating arbitrary GPIO pins. It's just a shell script that the antenna switch extension calls:

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