Add waterfall rate to URL arguments

I would like to see the rate setting added to the URL arguments that can be set before starting a kiwi.

Perhaps r0 to r4 if they are not taken.

I tested on some devices that had previously not been able to support the program for more than a short time and it seems that with the waterfall off, it is possible to listen indefinitely on my old tablet. It used to run for a while and then hang - probably just needed too many resources to keep going. 

Setting r0 before opening would save the mad dash to move the slider before the window freezes.


  • Hi,

    I think this would be useful - at the same time would it be possible to stop the waterfall streaming to save bandwidth.

    Maybe the spectrum button could be modified to toggle between full screen spectrum / full screen waterfall / waterfall and spectrum / off

    Thinking out loud.............

    If the waterfall and spectrum were set to off, would it be possible to replace it with a table showing the DX tabs frequency list and notes in it's place, so that you could scroll down the list and click to tune to tagged frequencies. 

    Maybe the increased screen space would allow the incorporation of a 'sort by' or some other form of basic keyword search ?


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • The new WF rate slider does reduce the WF transfer bandwidth. Just look at the statistics on the status tab of the admin page. The WF at "fast" rate takes 12 kB/s (23 FPS) and reduces to 3 kB/s (5 FPS) for the "slow" rate. It goes to zero for the "off" rate.

    I need to do the same when the audio is muted although that is a little more complicated.

  • If audio transfer is off when audio is muted then WSPR would not run with audio muted, right? I find muted audio when running WSPR to be a useful feature.
  • No, the WSPR extension would actually still work because the DSP part is done on the Beagle. The transmission of the WSPR spectrum, decode information etc. happens separately from the audio and wf streams. You are correct that some extensions process the audio/IQ data in the browser. And for those a Mute cannot stop the audio/IQ data. That's one of the reasons handling the audio mute case is a little more complicated.

  • Hi John,

    OK thanks for the info WRT the WF transfer rate - I hadn't spotted that, so I'll try the slower rate with one of my older 'netbooks' which otherwise struggle when running the KiWi webpage.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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