Wanted: highest KiwiSDR serial number (greater than 3000)

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We'd like to know the highest Kiwi serial number out there. If your Kiwi has a serial number greater than 3000 could you add a message here or email support@kiwisdr.com and let us know the serial number please? Thank you!

The serial number is available on the network tab of the admin page. And also written on the Kiwi PCB as shown by the yellow arrow below:

800 x 370 - 131K


  • jksjks
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    Current high serial number reported is 3049.
    Can anyone best that?

  • Hi John, 

    I have a unit with serial number 3057, ordered  through Amazon. Setting up a Kiwisdr receiver here in Jakarta, Indonesia and hope to have it on-line if and when I can get the Internet difficulties sorted out. 
  • jksjks
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    @benson Thanks. Really looking forward to a KiwiSDR in Jakarta. Try to setup the GPS antenna if you can. We need more Kiwis in Asia/Oceania with GPS and VLF/LF to assist with some direction finding that is planned.

  • I am working with a colleague to deploy something in Singapore too!

  • My serial is 2235.
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