Quick snapshot option ?


I'm not sure if this one has been suggested before - I suspect it has.

Would it be possible to add a 'quick snapshot' option to the KiWi GUI so that a grab of the active screen can be captured without having to resort to windows 'print screen' then having to edit anything else off the captured image. This is mainly to help ID mystery signals and interference after the event.

It would also be useful when using my tablet as it's not at all easy to get a quick screen capture and save it without using another application, which usually stops the browser whilst it's being used.


Martin - G8JNJ


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    The context menu (right click) Save Waterfall as JPG will give you something like this (after John merges the latest pull of IBP):


    Are you looking for more information that a GUI snapshot would give? I could insert it on the jpg file.

    Right now you can't get to it on the tablet, so do you have a suggestion as to how to invoke the capture with a touch without stealing real estate from the main control window?

    And assuming I can find a way to make the downloaded jpg not change the URL of the displayed window on the tablet :)

    BTW, does the iPad Power+Home screen capture stop the waterfall?

  • A tap and press and hold is usual for right click menus on a touch screen. 
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