Idea for Modes

Change the row of modes to a row of pull downs such as a pulldown for SSB: USB USBN LSB LSBN  AM: AM AMN CW: CW CWN CWVN  etc and add a column for RATT: RATT850 RATT425 RATT170 etc


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    more detail/example in next post
  • Not a bad idea. A good way to get a menu for specialty bandwidths. You could consider adding ones for PSK31 or something.

  • Change the RATT column to DATA and put those modes PSK31 etc there.  The SSB-N is generally 1800Hz

  •  This thread should be extended to include suggestions for Modes and Bandwidths. The current ones are:

    AM 10 KHz
    AMN 6
    USB 3
    LSB 3
    CW 400 Hz
    CWN 60
    NBFM 12 KHz
    IQ 10

    For SSB voice, I would like to have 1800, 2400, 2700 and would give up 3000
  • alternate BW for IQ would be handy too. 

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