What do you "chase"

Mostly kiwi owners on the forum I surmise but I assume most of you are kiwi listeners too. So although I can't poll the non-owners, I am wondering what do you people generally try to locate, listen and ID?  When I was an SWL starting in about 1958, Shortwave was hot but not so much anymore. I have been focusing on LW stuff, NDB and BC when I can find them. How about you?


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    In my case I mostly provide the service for the benefit of local hams that have problems with noise on their home receivers during HF nets. Of course most of the connections are from all over the place/world and it is difficult to tell what most are listening for or to. Now that VE3SUN has been providing connections to KiwiSDR receivers from current DX-spots, I've started paying more attention to listening on the KiwiSDR. I'm looking forward to a better interface from VE3SUN to the KiwiSDR.

    Of course I do catch new stations on the waterfall and add a tag for them just to remember that I have heard them there before.
  • Going after NDB has given me an opportunity to brush up on my Morse Code!  I have 90+ so far

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    Mostly I listen to the IBP beacons. 

    But since I have been playing around with the Kiwis I have stumbled across some SWL adventures that take me back to my earliest days. Hearing CHU again reminded me of my childhood days with a radio that glowed in the dark and had a green magic eye tube for signal strength - Hey maybe I should make one for the KiwiSDR! Nice to see that there are still some shortwave broadcasters out there.

    Hearing the NDBs reminds me of standing on the bow in the middle of the night as we sailed out of sight of land and pointing the hand held receiver around in hopes of getting a bearing on something to ensure we were heading in the right direction. 

    I think it is a time machine.

    It has also been fun hearing the DXpeditions, even though I don't have a transmitter on the air right now. Fun listening to those pileups from different locations and comparing propagation with the predictions.

  • I long for the days of listening to Willis Conover on the VOA Jazz Hour!  I often kid that I was 17 before I knew Jazz didn't have multipath fading

  • I still remember a cartoon from back then showing a guy from Africa who mixed his English with whistles, pops and static crashes.

    He explained that he learned English listening to shortwave broacasts.

    I am not sure many would get that, today.
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