Save waterfall to file

I have been working a method of saving the waterfall display canvas to a png file. For now, I have added it to the right click menu, but a keyboard shortcut would be another way.

Currently, the file is saved with a few minutes of historical waterfall at the zoom level being viewed. The filename is the frequency range and an arrow points to the frequency the mouse was on when the right click was pressed, making it easy to highlight something special.

I did it for me, but I am wondering about the interest in this feature in general. I was surprised not to see it on the bug/improvements list already.

Anyone else interested?

And for you Linux gurus or John, is there a quick way to make the server include a single revised file without making the entire project? I am not very conversant in Linux, I am afraid.

Also for John, I want to time stamp the waterfall. What is the best way to obtain the ADC time of the last line added to the waterfall canvas? Or any other line?


A sample from the top. The actual file is 1024x40000, so quite large.


  • The waterfall saving addition is now available for John to merge if he feels it worthwhile.

    Also included in the latest update is an additition to the IBP_Scan extension, which autosaves the waterfall once every 3 minutes to watch the beacons, being my chief interest.

    The waterfall is also annotated with the transmitting beacon, so it is easy to quickly scan a chart to look for a signal or to look at how much RTTY interference there is in the contest this weekend.

    I have updated my Kiwi for testing at if anyone wants to find the bugs before John merges the code instead of after :)

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