An Iphone App would be Cool !

Can listen on IOS without having the screen active, once screen locks , audio is gone. An app would be great !

One thing I miss about Android  is the ability to stream audio from a web browser with the screen locked. 


  • I was shown a demo of a Kiwi Android app once. Pretty cool. But lots of work to go from a demo to an app suitable for release.

    I don't have any app-writing experience myself.

  • Accepted Answer
    Once there is a mobile friendly web interface it can easily be rolled into an app with a webview.

    Although, it is hardly necessary, then as webapps are just like apps without the app store.

    I would like to see a minimal interface with just audio and controls for mobile and for limiting bandwidth.
  • The problem here is that Apple will not allow streaming once the screen is locked. This is why there needs to be an app, the most user friendly web interface still will not allow streaming audio once the screen is locked.
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