Logging and note taking

Is there a logging or note taking facility somewhere? I don't see one, but it wouldn't be the first feature I missed.

I was thinking there might be a way to right click on a signal on the waterfall and save a note or log the frequency and time and a callsign or comments, etc.

If there isn't something to do this, I would propose adding it. I can see both a personal log and a shared log - I would like to mark QRM signals that I have identified, but you don't care that 456 KHz is my furnace running. But it would be useful information for me, so when the signal appears in the waterfall, I don't go chasing it to see what new transmitter just came on :)

Ideally these would show up on the banner above, too.



  • Hi,

    Shift left click on the tag banner above the waterfall to add additional tags with notes.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • My eyes must be going. I have gone over that quickstart multiple times and not seen that one.


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