Raspberry for KiwiSDR client

Hello, has anyone managed to use a raspberry (with Chrome or any other browser) to access on a LAN the KiwiSDR receiver?
I would like to run a low power WSPR monitoring without runing a PC all the time...
Thank you for your time


  • I tried with Firefox once, but the ARM processor supported browser didn't seem to have HTML5 support. Chromebooks use ARM processors and Google has Chrome running on those, but the Raspberry PI seems support Chrome without an x86 emulator, which I think would slow it down even more.

    If you succeed, I'd enjoy hearing how it works for you.
  • Another option might be to use an Android tablet running Chrome.

    I can run KiwiSDR on my Nexus 7 tablet, but for some reason, not on my Nexus 5 phone. Interesting.

    Anyway, the Nexus 7 is currently running WSPR and we will see how long it runs...
  • I have run html5 browsers, Chrome and Firefox, on RPi3, Odroid C2, and Odroid XU4 with Linux with success on another application that requires html5  and I would think that'd work fine on the kiwi.
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