CPU at 100% after circa 15 mins listening [problem is with globaltuners.com]

Has anyone else noticed this?

Using Chrome, processor old quad-core AMD with 16G RAM and SSD.

Recently, I have noticed the CPU will suddenly increase to 100% after a random, but usually 10, 20 min period. If I go to task manager and just close the offending TAB (the SDR) it reduces back to normal levels. Under normal conditions, Chrome uses 8 to 10% CPU.

It may have something to do with me adding/ editing the waterfall text, or it could be coincidence it happend shortly after the edit. 

Close the TAB, re-open the SDR all is OK.

Dave M0TAZ


  • And again, seems to be triggered by updating waterfall text unless that's coincidence again...

    W10 BTW
    793 x 1076 - 128K
    793 x 1076 - 228K
  • OK further work has shown its actually this website that seems to trigger the problem

    Looking up freq causes the processor issue, anyone else?
  • jksjks
    edited September 2017 Accepted Answer
    Confirmed with Firefox and Chrome with OS X on a MacBook. But things return to normal after the globaltuners.com tab is closed. So this is their problem, most likely runaway Javascript. I expect enough people will be yelling at them they will fix it fairly soon.

  • Thanks, John I will send them an email. Pleased it's not just me :-) TA
  • In case anyone is interested, never got a response from the admin for that site. It looks like it runs with a very "light touch" so maybe it wont get fixed.
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