Is it possible to transform kiwi sdr on Xilinx Zynq FPGA a single chip solution [for GPS only]

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Dear John,

I'm working on GPS receiver n I'm interested to transform GPS solution on Xilinx Zynq family fpga which has both Arm processor as well Artix 7 FPGA in build, so I started to convert the source code compatible with Zynq family, I have Zedboard first I tried only FPGA source code and Programmed Zedboard, and deed the connection between Zedboard, Kiwi SDR GPS front end and beagle bone black (Here I connected only SPI interface signal to Beagle and zedboard) powered through Kiwi Board with common ground and GPS Input signals Kiwi Front end GCLK, GSGN, GMAG to Zedboard, So my design flow as:
1) GPS signal I'm giving to Zedboard (FPGA Programm's Running on Zedboard)
2) As zedboard connected to Beagle through SPI Interface so data will transfer between Zedboard and Beagle (Same Cape Installed on Beagle Supplied with Kiwi SDR board)

But I'm getting issues as: Actually my Beagle bone got connected to PC but not opening Kiwisdr admin page,  so please guide me. Or any extra signal's to be communicated between Beagle and Zedboard


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    Hi. Yes, what you want to do is possible. But it is a lot of work. It is maybe easier to start with the GPS code that does not have the Kiwi SDR code parts: This code just runs a program on the Beagle that prints messages with no web interface and no complications of all the Kiwi SDR code.

    1) How are you wiring the Beagle SPI to the Zedboard? Are you using the same SPI pins as go from Beagle to Kiwi FPGA? This is tricky because those same pins are used to download/program the Kiwi FPGA. Did you somehow electrically isolate the Kiwi FPGA from those SPI pins? Otherwise you have to depend on the Kiwi FPGA power-up state to leave those pins in high-impedance mode. It is possible this is okay even if you did not isolate the pins.

    2) Did you disable the code in the Kiwi server that programs the Kiwi FPGA?

    3) Admin page not connecting: In the browser open the "javascript console window" and look for error messages. Each browser has a different way of doing this. On Firefox from the top menu bar select: Tools > Web Developer > Web Console and then make sure the Console tab is selected.

    4) Do you get any error messages on the Beagle console when you run the Kiwi server?

  • Thanks You So Much,

    As you suggested I will start with sdgps.
    1) Yes I'm using the same SPI pins

    2) No I haven't disabled the Kiwi Server program, Actually my intention is to simply change the FPGA device, As well I'm programming Zedboard through usb so I think it will work

    3) I'm using the same Image file come up with kiwi board. I'm new to beagle so I don't know more about Beagle.

    I will do the excise you suggested.
    Once again thank you.

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