browser audio

HI is there any way to get the kiwi audio routed to a decoder , cw , rtty or any alien decoder,
even when the audio of the actual web-browser page is muted ?


  • .... maybe that option is not needed by anyone other?
    or not solvable at all ?
  • Accepted Answer
    what operating system do you run browser on?
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  • HI ZKD , my OS is win7, I have already used the VAC under win XP years ago.
    I will give it a try again even if in win7 there is already a sort of virtual_audio .
    My thought is that VAC should not work as the audio output in the browser stops when muted by the TAB_speaker_icon.
    There should be in the browser_audio_flux a sort of line_in separated from the line_out audio, but I am not a progammer so
    can only guess at it.
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