Help! I'm all alone on v1.61

Well all you other cats on are using KiwiSDR v1.65 and I'm (Freemans Reach, Australia) stuck back here on v1.61. I have restarted the KwiSDR, rebooted the Beagle, checked for new software in the admin interface, force a software build in the admin interface, have auto update selected and alas still my Kiwi thinks, "go away, there is noting to update to!".

Here is a section of the log...

Sat Apr  1 03:16:57 2017 0:00:04 ....      UPDATE: check scheduled
Sat Apr 1 03:16:57 2017 0:00:04 .... UPDATE: checking for updates
<span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">Sat Apr 1 03:16:58 2017 0:00:05 .... UPDATE: version 1.61 is current</span><span style="background-color: rgb(230, 230, 230);">
Sat Apr 1 03:16:58 2017 0:00:05 .... task update_task:P2:T20 exited by returning
Sat Apr 1 03:16:58 2017 0:00:06 .... DDNS: private IPv4 &lt;; 0xc0a80054 /24 0xffffff00
Sat Apr 1 03:16:58 2017 0:00:06 .... DDNS: private IPv6 LINK-LOCAL &lt;fe80::b2d5:ccff:fe57:1637%eth0&gt; /64 ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:
Sat Apr 1 03:16:58 2017 0:00:06 .... DDNS: public ip
Sat Apr 1 03:16:58 2017 0:00:06 .... task dyn_DNS:P2:T02 exited by returning
Sat Apr 1 03:16:58 2017 0:00:06 .... registration: WORKED
My KiwiSDR is online just fine and people come and go from it all day, its just I feel like I am missing out on the latest lines of code goodness.
What would you suggest I do?



  • jksjks
    edited April 3
    HI Mark,
    Please send me an email ( I'm just guessing here, but based on past experiences I have a hunch the answer contains the phrase "those bastards at Telstra..", lol.

  • The issue WILL be due to "those bastards at Telstra" LOL! 

    I switched to a new Telstra Modem/Router a few weeks ago and I think that would mark the time that my KiwiSDR started to ignore that there were new software updates. One of the reasons for using this new router was that it has this great feature that when the ADSL2 drops out it automaticly switches to a 4G connection (and any data usage is per my ADSL plan - ie I'm not charged anything extra for the 4G use). Well ADSL2 seems to be really shaped here these days and becomes unuasble for my needed streaming video things at peak times (ie evenings). So today I just pulled the phoneline cable out of the router to force a switch over to the backup 4G connection. I now have great speed, watching what I need to from my video server in the USA in HD - and as a bonus my Kiwi updated itself with the latest software! :) 

    So at the moment this seems a good workaround! Tomorrow I will plug the phoneline back in and swich back to regular ADSL2 :)
  • If I recall correctly the Kiwi in Tassie had this problem where Telstra was mapping the DNS for to a completely incorrect ip address. As a result an update would never occur. As soon as that was fixed everything was fine.

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