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Hi there,

Is there any way of knowing what antenna is being used at each location?

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    I and many others write it in their decsciption
  • jksjks
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    There is a field on the "" tab of the admin page for entering antenna information by the Kiwi owner. It is displayed at the top left of the top bar when you connect to a Kiwi (after "Antenna:"). It is optional for the Kiwi owner to fill-in this field. This same information is passed to, but I don't think that site does anything with it currently.

    But Jim is correct. Some owners add antenna information to the "description" field so it appears on their entry.

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    Hi John,

    Just a thought. Would it be possible to add an 'Information' web page to the KiWi so that folks could add more information about their location, antenna system (and switching if used) or any other stuff that may be of interest to the user ?

    Just a simple HTML page would probably be adequate and maybe accessed by a link in the user information box, or maybe this page could take the place of the header photo ?

    Obviously there would need to be limitations WRT the amount of memory required, but hopefully there would be enough spare to be able to include some small images ?


  • Hi there,

    Thanks for the comments, just to say I help to run a marine net daily on 14315 at 2100z for the cruising yachts in the Pacific. 

    I have been hoping to find an SDR in Australia with a half decent antenna and location but there seems to be nothing.

    In New Zealand, Northland Radio has a delta loop and a good QTH which helps enormously.

    The skip makes it hard to run the net when you cant hear the stations that are within 1000 miles.

    Lets hope we soon have some more receivers with good reception capabilities.


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    Have you checked the KiwiSDR in Tasmania? ( It seems to have an okay noise floor on 20m.
    Check for more in Australia. There is one near Sidney but the 20m noise is higher.

    Your right about Northland Radio -- excellent setup. I also find Marahau, NZ ( has an excellent reception.

  • Hi there,

    Tried Tasmania, signal levels low on 14100 beacons.

    Needs to be a quiet location in Rural Australia with a good antenna.

    Appreciate any further suggestions.

  • I've managed to create a simple information page by leaving a black section to the left of my main header photo and then added HTML formatted text into the Photo description box on the config page.

    It's a bit crude, but it does show what can be done.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • I have a page called that is a html page on another server in the farm, it has a link to which goes to the kiwi
  • Hey guys,

    This is a good development and very helpful.

    Martin your antenna looks quite interesting. Is it possible to use two or possibly three in phase for directivity?


  • Hi Carl,

    I assume you are referring to my TC2M broadband vertical rather than the various loops I've also got on my SDR.

    Yes its possible to phase them to provide additional directivity (providing you have enough space to do it).

    The spacing would need to be chosen to optimise the required frequency range and any null steering would probably only work over a very narrow frequency range, as the phase relationships would differ. 

    The professionals who use similar phased arrays, combine the separate antenna feeds by using banks of broadband 90 degree hybrid networks, so that multiple receivers can utilise different beam directions from the same array. 


    Martin - G8JNJ

  • Hi Jim,

    Rather than placing your webpage on another server - could it just reside on the Beagle ? 

    I'm trying to do this as an experiment, but my Linux skills are somewhat limited :-(


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    If the memory and CPU of the BB could handle it, something like would work. Perhaps John will indicate if it might.
  • Martin,
    The easiest way is to host the webpage elsewhere. Openwebrx is apparently a web server, but I'm not sure about how it works and don't really want to learn how. I think for most purposes, if you don't want to host a standalone web server at home or elsewhere, than google drive being a free option might work well and embed PDF documents located on the google drive in the Title box on the KiwiSDR Admin, Web Page. Or maybe if html is desirable, maybe free hosting at would work? I currently have a blog page linked on my Title box on the KiwiSDR, not that it is very useful...
    Ron - KA7U
  • Hi Ron,

    OK understood.

    It was just a thought. 

    My intention was to include a link to a static html page residing on the Kiwi from one of the text areas on the KiWi that can include html commands.

    I may continue with my current solution or alternatively add another page to my website that can be linked from the Kiwi instead.

    Thanks to all for your suggestions.


    Martin - G8JNJ

  • Martin, note that I started a topic on webpage
  • Martin,
    I took a look at what is going on in the KiwiSDR folder:

    and directory:

    and consider admin.html and mfg.html. Then wonder how you could add your pages to this last directory and call it with an href linking out of the index.html or the openwebrx.js . Now I'm not sure just where you want that link to appear on the KiwiSDR info header, but with a little hacking you could make it go and open in a new tab or window.  Now how this will work out with updates, is probably another discussion. Hi Hi
    Ron - KA7U
  • Martin,
    I looked a bit more and don't think it will pay you to look around at the above files. I read what is happening in Beagle_SDR_GPS/web/kiwi/Makefile and it seems that John has written special code to launch admin.html and mfg.html. I wasn't able to just drop helloworld.html into that folder and open it with .

    That tells me there is more to it. Maybe John will write a "mypages.html" embed/inclusion that would let you launch like admin.html and mfg.html launch.
    Ron - KA7U
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