Ouch! sdr.hu is no longer functional.

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I miss being able to visit other hosted receivers. Do you suppose it will be put back into service?


  • jksjks
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    The site wasn't responding at all for a while. Now it responds, but there are no receivers listed. In the Kiwi log you get this:

    Sat Feb  4 00:51:48 2017 1:05:17 0...      sdr.hu registration: "ERROR (sql-insert)"

    So maybe they had a drive crash and are trying to recover.

  • http://sdr.hu is back up and running as before. I am pleased that it is. Without this web site it is difficult to find the hosted receivers around the world. Thanks to Andres for getting it back online. 
  • jksjks
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    When sdr.hu is down you can use a primitive list of KiwiSDRs here: kiwisdr.com/public
    This list is not perfect and sdr.hu should be your first choice of information about OpenWebRX-based SDRs.

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