Super Zoom?

Many MW DX-ers use offsets from nominal frequency to determine the number of stations on a frequency and tentatively ID them (and actually finding new stations!). Frequency offsets are measured in Hz and they are surprisingly stable from station to station. With GPS calibration, the Kiwi should be accurate enough, so the question is: Is it possible to make a "special zoom" to allow for a spectrum of, say 20 Hz? We routinely use this on the Jaguar software for Perseus. SDR Console has a similar, albeit less flexible solution.



  • jksjks
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    In the bug/wish list ( there is an entry in the extension wish-list titled "milliHertz resolution FFTs" that refers to this exactly. It is best achieved on the Kiwi I think with a proper high-resolution FFT extension that operates on the audio IQ data. The waterfall at maximum zoom already suffers from substantial loss of time resolution which I don't think a separate audio FFT would. There are also other realtime problems trying to increase the waterfall zoom level.

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