firefox last rev gives chopped audio\waterfall on win7pro32b [fixed with browser site data clear]

HI, just switched my KIWI  now with v1.170 OS after some months and on Firefox (last rev) the audio+waterfall are running "chopped"
with audio underrun in the stats.
On Chrome all is ok.
OS is Win7pro32b
Any suggestion on how resolve that ?


  • jksjks
    Accepted Answer
    I'll repeat the answer given previously in another thread:

    "We've had a report that with Firefox, going to Preferences > Privacy & Security > Site Data and then doing a Clear All Data has caused audio and waterfall glitches to disappear. It's difficult for us to understand why this would make any difference. If this makes an improvement in anyone's situation please let us know! There should be a similar setting for other browsers."

    So this is a problem introduced by recent browser updates. The actual underlying problem is not understood.

  • tnx John now it works
  • jksjks
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    Well, good I guess. But this bug is very upsetting to me. I have no way of reproducing it and don't know what the actual problem is. The workaround was discovered by a user just trying things at random.

    At this point the only long-term solution is to wait until someone else complains to the Firefox developers and has a small test case that demonstrates the problem so they can understand the issue and fix it.

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