Local Time is incorrect... how does it work?

Display local time at Kiwi location and UTC - showing MOSCOW time - but I'm in Edmonton? 

How does it work? 


  • Assuming the Kiwi has the correct UTC, which is another story, your timezone is used to determine the local time. Your lat/lon to sent to Google which returns the timezone. The lat/long is taken from three possible sources, in order:

    1) The "Location (lat, lon)" field, if any, you have entered on the sdr.hu tab of the admin page. If you have entered an incorrect lat/lon you will get the wrong timezone. Use the "check map" button to lookup the lat/lon on Google maps to verify. Doesn't matter if you are actually registering on sdr.hu or not.

    2) If the above field is not set then the lat/lon returned by doing a geolocation lookup of your Kiwi's public ip address, if any.

    3) If the above doesn't work, and your GPS is returning position solutions, then the lat/lon of the GPS position is used.

    If none of those three return a lat/lon to use then the local time will display an error message. The most likely reason Moscow would be shown is that an incorrect lat/lon was entered in case 1.

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