KongSDR is down [turned out to be a bad Ethernet cable]

Quite possibly this happened when I removed power to check a noise issue. When I put the power back in, it started up again but never appeared in the PC connected to the same broadband modem. Scan didn't help. I have reset/restarted just about everything but no cigar.
Kiwi visible status is fixed blue led on the standard-size USB side of the ethernet connector, flashing blue led (double-blink) on the left (power) side 


  • Was it configured for a static ip or use DHCP to get one?
    Can you try connecting to the Beagle using USB networking as described here? http://kiwisdr.com/quickstart/index.html#id-net-usb

  • It uses the proxy you set up back in the day.  I had to leave the location so I am not near the receiver
  • I had forgotten about the proxy. But that should have no effect on the ip question during access from the local network. The proxy only comes into play for connections from the outside Internet.

    The proxy service is running, but shows kongsdr as offline. So it is definitely having trouble communicating.

  • Do the LEDs indicate anything?
  • The double-blink means Linux is running normally. I assume the yellow/green Ethernet RJ45 LEDs were on/flashing and not dark.

  • Ah...how could I overlook that! They didn't. I pinged the Kiwi IP address and no response.
  • jksjks
    edited February 3
    They didn't what? They were both dark or were lit but one (green I think) didn't flash when you pinged?

  • I don't know when I pinged, because I'm on remote. But I'm certain the ethernet lights were dark when I was at the location.
  • Well, that's not good. Had the Ethernet cable(s) been disconnected/disturbed while you were doing all of this? That needs to be checked next time you're back there.

  • Yep...not much I can do from here. Thanks for your time and help, John.
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