Audio-underruns when using kiwisdr.local on WIndows 10 Pro - a solution


I am using both a MAC and windows 10 PCs to 'listen' to my KiwiSDR. On the Windows PCs I have been 'enjoying' frequent instances of 'Audio underruns', while on the MAC nor on my iPad Pro I experienced such problem. I tried changing QoS, setting up a kiwisdr VLAN, nothing helped. BUT:

If I use the IP address:8073 instead of kiwisdr.local, the problem goes away!!

I hope this message can help someone experiencing this issue.



  • jksjks
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    Yes, I had another customer report this same situation a few days ago. I find it completely impossible to understand why this would make any difference to the quality of the connection.

    No, scratch that. It's Windows. It's Microsoft. I should completely expect a nonsensical situation like this. It goes right along with the hundreds of millions of person-hours Microsoft has caused humanity to waste dealing with their incompetence. Just yesterday I upgraded an old laptop to the newest release of Windows 10. The WiFi stopped working. I spent hours trying to figure it out. In the end the answer was that the manufacturer, hp, had used an internal WiFi card whose manufacturer was no longer updating the drivers. But there was no warning from anyone that the update would kill the WiFi. Hp says there is no solution except to buy a different PCIe WiFI card. Can you imagine that kind of response from a manufacturer?

    Apologies. Someone's morning coffee obviously hasn't taken effect yet. lol

  • Hi,

    Don't worry, John. I have some 20 years of using MS stuff behind me, which made me try the non-obvious.... And at least we have a solution!

    My TGIF beer is taking effect....

    Have a good one!

  • jksjks
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    This other person actually looked with a wireshark to see if there was duplicate traffic from a double TCP connection or something that might be causing timeouts. But it all looked okay.

    One thing I just though of. We had been recommending getting mDNS as a side-effect of installing Apple iTunes since Windows didn't support it (in order to be able to use kiwisdr.local). Now maybe the current version of Windows 10 does finally have its own mDNS. But even if there is a conflict from this I don't understand how it would result in faulty communication. Failure of kiwisdr.local to resolve to the proper ip address, sure. But not corruption of the communication after it has been established and the symbolic host name shouldn't matter anymore.

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