Ethernet interface unreliable - very serious problem.


I have trouble getting my KiwiSDR I bought though Massdrop last month to connect to the network, as the Ethernet interface continuously disconnects. After some time the orange LED comes on, after some 20 seconds it switches off, to come back on etc...

The problem is intermittent, sometimes it just works, sometimes it won't I have changed cables, used different LAN switch ports, different LAN switches, different cables, nothing seems to cure the problem. This is driving me crazy! I suspect a faulty Ethernet port, but I am not sure.

Any suggestions?



  • Are you shure that nobody else using the same IP-address and that the broadcast address is set correctly?



  • Bjarne,

    It does not show up in the IP address table on the DHCP server. It does not even get that far.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Next observation: I booted the Beaglbone without the Ethernet connected: now it does work. I'll need to check whether this is coincidence or a workaround.

  • The reboot without the Ethernet cable connected only worked once: It was a coincidence.
  • jksjks
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    Seeed built a batch of BBGs with bad Ethernet PHY chips or bad RJ45 connectors (not clear which). Unfortunately some of those were used in Kiwi kits. The problem doesn't appear immediately so the Kiwis passed burn-in testing. The problems are as you describe: LEDs on the RJ45 connector not making sense, going dark etc. The PHY chip will also sometimes become very warm, although it is difficult to determine this when the Kiwi board is installed.

    Massdrop only has a 30 day return policy. But Seeed will then step-in and send you a new BBG and pay for the old one to be returned to them for analysis. If all else fails I will send you a replacement personally. So the problem will get resolved but it may take a little time. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Hello,

    I am assuming this is John answering; thanks for your help. I am working with Seeed to solve the issue and have been asked to remove capacitor 162 from the board. If that does not work they intend to exchange the BBG. I will keep you posted.

    Again thanks for the kind offer!

  • Hello,

    I removed the capacitor 162 and now it seems to work correctly.

    Thanks for the help, highly appreciated!

  • Hello,

    We're back to zero: It is no longer working. this is driving me crazy!

  • jksjks
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    Get a new BBG from Seeed. They should never have been asking customers to be removing components. That is completely unprofessional behavior and I will be speaking to them about that.

  • John,

    I'll see how they respond to my message about the issue returning. Will keep you posted


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