GPS no longer finding signals

My Kiwi GPS lost the ability to track satellites.   The status page shows sporadic signals for one or two satellites, but it no longer locks to even one.  I have changed the antenna with no improvement and the antenna remains outdoors mounted on a pie pan.  


  • The same with my Kiwi, some months ago. I've sent it to the seller, but no luck. They've told me that the GPS and the BeagleBone were ok and they sent it back, but GPS never worked again, although I've changed 3-4 antennas.
  • Thanks for the warning.  I've logged on the Kiwi but I'm not sure where to look for GPS activity logging.
  • @SV1BTL Who was the seller? Are you using a feed line extension or anything else unusual?
  • @rob GPS activity is not logged. Maybe there should be an option.
  • Hi,

    This may sound a bit obvious - but have you checked that the antenna still getting power (DC supply volts) from the KiWi GPS SMA connector ?

    Sometimes when RF adaptors are being used the DC continuity can fail.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Unfortunately the Kiwi is in Maui and I am in California, so it will be a few weeks before I can examine the unit.  I'll post the results of my examination here.  In the meantime the Kiwi is now published on and the logs show many users from around the world. 
  • "Unfortunately the Kiwi is in Maui and I am in California"

    Ah OK............

    Good luck with your faultfinding,

    Martin - G8JNJ
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    GPS does not work to my Kiwi in both cases - with the antenna came from the seller and with an extension as well. 5V are for sure comming out from the GPS antenna's socket.
    It's for good that I can manually calibrate the frequency.
    I've sent you a private message.
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