Newbie without a call sign to register for and similar HAM or SDR sites

Hi and happy new year,

I wonder why is it required to enter a call sign at or for registration for listing my SDR or reporting reception of DX calls. I am not (yet) a licensed HAM user and wonder how difficult it is to get on board (only with a license - call sign).

Where could we / new SDR users go to without prior apply for a HAM license?

BTW, I have a KiwiSDR with a Boni Whip active antenna and yesterday recieved a DX from (Silver Spring, USA, MD) and (Nisko, Poland) while my antenna is located near Frankfurt / Eschborn.

Thanks, Lothar


  • Thank you,

    I started to register me and see if it works.
  • Hi Lothar,

    Happy New Year.

    As Jim has suggested the SWARL is a good option if you don't wan't to create your own ID.

    Note copied from the KiWi Quick Start Guide.

    "Currently the form requires a ham radio callsign to be entered. But a lot of Kiwi customers will of course not be hams. We suggest creating a "pseudo" callsign following the conventions used by the WSPR extension. Namely using a callsign of "SWL" (abbreviation for shortwave listener) followed by your grid square, either 4 or 6 characters. We've tried this and it seems to work and, like a callsign, is useful in that it gives an indication of where you are in the world." 

    Good luck with your KiWi.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • I got it registered. Despide it is not near my real position, it may result due to the grid position. I'll check that later.
  • what is your Callsign?
  • I am followed the tip to use a SWL with the grid id: SWL-JO40gd. I hope to be able to change it with an official SWL id later :-)
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